Hot Tub


Ponden House – The Outdoor Hot Tub.

Please note: The Hot Tub is ONLY available if pre booked  and confirmed in advance for a minimum of 6 people, and a maximum of 8.

An additional fee of £100.00 per group is payable for those using the hot tub.  £50.00 deposit applies.

Ponden Guest House is pleased to announce newly installed, secluded and relaxing HOT TUB with terrace and changing area in its own private garden.


NB: This is not like a commercial or a typical home hot tub. No chemicals are added; just 500 gallons of fresh water heated specially for the group and then let out. The Hot Tub is not available if not pre booked with deposit paid.

Located on the beautiful hillside south of the house, with tall trees, and open fields on either side, this is the perfect place to relax with friends, celebrate a special event or simply escape every day stress. You can enjoy sipping elderflower ‘champagne’ under the stars in the magical atmosphere of candle light and good company.

The HOT TUB is to be enjoyed in all seasons.

In spring, the hillside is crowded with daffodils. On dark evenings, a mass of tiny night-lights mirror the starry sky. It is truly wonderful; – magical in snow.

The HOT TUB is filled anew for each group with 500 gallons of fresh spring water, sometimes peaty from the moors. The water is gently heated over several hours by a fire burning locally cut logs.

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